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Specials wall decorations - Murals entire walls make photo-realistic

With wall pictures, or photo wallpapers you can paper photo-realistic motifs directly to the wall. Very popular for children's nursery are nature motifs or animal motifs which seem very realistic to the wall. Design your child's room according to your taste with murals.

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Photowall 23-013055 Rasch Textil Tapeten Olly
Item no.: 23-013055
295,00 €/Stück295,00€*
Photowall 23-013017 Rasch Textil Tapeten Olly
Item no.: 23-013017
369,99 €/Stück369,99€*
Eijffinger Wallpower Junior 55-364167 mural planes sky purple
Item no.: 55-364167
107,86 €/m302,00€*
Kid 's Club 7-892307, 892 307 Wall Kitten white
Item no.: 7-892307
57,95 €/Stück57,95€*
Photowall 23-013011 Rasch Textil Tapeten Olly
Item no.: 23-013011
369,99 €/Stück369,99€*
Mural sheet optics 28-51173610 Les Aventures Essener
Item no.: 28-51173610
108,50 €/Stück108,50€*155,00 €
Kid 's Club 7-892468, 892 468 wall picture lion baby white
Item no.: 7-892468
64,95 €/Stück64,95€*
Photowall 23-013030 Rasch Textil Tapeten Olly
Item no.: 23-013030
295,00 €/Stück295,00€*
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Mural wallpaper or also called Murals are mostly photographic representation such as panorama shots or children motifs such as cartoon characters or pets. Murals are usually so that they can cover an entire wall.

In many children wallpaper collections nowadays are many accessories and also murals, usually offered in the form of wall panels. Often the designs are chosen so that they can be accommodated in addition to small patterns on the wallpaper in XXL form again on the wall.

It is recommended to apply murals and photo murals on a very smooth surface. Murals are printed in most cases in digital printing on a non-woven wallpaper. Thus, a very smooth surface is absolutely necessary, since otherwise every little bump would show through the wallpaper.

In the nursery are large murals with colorful motifs, mostly cartoon characters or funny animals, a very popular design element. Even large-scale patterns such as colorful flowers, fancy shapes such as hearts or letters, or even small landscapes that tell a story or a fairy tale, you can find here.

Both girls and boy motifs are represented in this category. Combine the large mural wallpaper with the matching uni wallpaper, border or even a curtain fabric to complete the picture of the nursery.

The mural can be simply handle as a wallpaper. Delivery will be made of several panels, please note the information on individual products. If your wall don’t have exactly the size of the mural it is no problem to arrange the mural to fit on the wall. Most images are so prepared that they can shorten above the bottom and top and on the sides a little. Have fun browsing.

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