Specials smooth non-woven wallpaper - Correct Ground treatment for beautiful walls

Smooth non-woven wallpapers serve as an optimal base to the wall in the nursery. Thus, as an example murals or very smooth pattern wallpapers are best papered. Because murals and photo murals are printed on a smooth non-woven base, you can compensate with smooth and white fleece fabric a non-optimal surface.

The smooth non-woven wallpaper is for restructuring purposes a good helper. It creates a quick and smooth clean surface in the nursery and is easy to apply.

To achieve a featureless ceiling or wall, can be a smooth non-woven wallpaper as the Light fleece Brillux or Marburg patent fabric mounted easily and paint over with any latex paint. Thus, a ""papering over"" in the nursery is not absolutely necessary.

The smooth non-woven wallpaper has the property that it can be processed with the wall adhesion technique. This means simply that the wall is pasted and the wallpaper can then be placed against the wall immediately. Here, no soaking time is needed. Just the nursery is one of the rooms, which is often transformed than others. So you have the next renovation no problems and can deduct the wallpaper dry and completely off the wall again.

But not only for desired smooth walls the non-woven wallpaper is suitable. It also provides a base for structural plaster, glass cloth, swab and wipe technique or used to crack bridging. So you can reach in a short time a smooth, papering or paintable ground as a basis for indoor use.

Smooth fleece fabric there is, among others, by the manufacturers Brillux, Marburg, Rasch and Kobau. The rolls are available in different sizes. The length of a roll is between 10 m and 50 m and widths between 53 cm and 100 cm.

For a colorful nursery, for boys and girls, the smooth non-woven wallpaper has a great foundation or base for a colorful painting, which then can be further embellished with braids.

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