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Specials Stickers - Amazing Wall Stickers and wall tattoos for young and old

Beautiful wall stickers for the little ones among us. From a sweet animal pictures to dream worlds - for every taste is catered for. Whether individual or small detailed sticker great motives as an absolute highlight. We offer you the wide choice and let yourself be inspired by our ideas.

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Rasch Textil Fantasia 23-139074 wall sticker boat beige mice
Item no.: 23-139074
67,71 €/Stück67,71€*91,50 €
Komar Sticker 58-16402 Window sticker Princess colorful
Item no.: 58-16402
29,75 €/Stück29,75€*
Komar Sticker 58-14051 Wall sticker Dory Nemo colorful
Item no.: 58-14051
29,90 €/Stück29,90€*
Fantasia 23-139296 Rasch Textil star wall sticker brown 10 stars
Item no.: 23-139296
33,23 €/Stück33,23€*44,90 €
Teenie-Boys 436039-LIF119606030 Sticker New York black-red vinyl
Item no.: 436039-LIF119606030
26,33 €/Stück26,33€*27,16 €
Rasch Textil Fantasia 23-139135 plane blue wall sticker
Item no.: 23-139135
67,71 €/Stück67,71€*91,50 €
58-14700 Komar Sticker colorful wall sticker Planes Dusty
Item no.: 58-14700
34,90 €/Stück34,90€*
23-139098 Rasch Textil Fantasia horse pink sticker show jumping
Item no.: 23-139098
67,71 €/Stück67,71€*91,50 €
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Stickers for walls are also known as wall tattoos and are becoming increasingly popular in baby and children's rooms.

They are varied, modern and they are available in many different colors, patterns, sizes and designs. You have to spice up the possibility of using simple hand movements of your baby or small child's room or completely transform.

You have no more desire to simply painted walls? You want to change? Or just a highlight on the wall? Then you are exactly right here! We have many sticker in the range special for you.

The manufacturer of wall decals have here no limits, all sizes, colors and any designs are also for sticking to the wall. Wall stickers are suitable for virtually any surface, but it should be flat and smooth at best. For the smoother the surface the better the grip.

On latex paint you should better do not install stickers, because the adhension can not guaranteed 100 percent. The attachment of the wall sticker is simple and fast. Important in front of attaching the sticker, is the ground verification. The wall surface must be clean, dry and contracting firm. Before freshly painted walls need at least 10 days to dry to ensure a secure fit. Once these steps are completed, it goes to the actual part of the work. The selected subject neatly stuck to the wall!

Look for the right location and, before measure so that the wall sticker also comes straight on the wall. Then above the foil on the back is gently released and pressed the sticker to the wall, then you can pull off piece by piece, the film continues, while gently pushing the picture on the wall in this case it is very important to avoid creases and bubbles.

If the sticker is fully applied to the wall, we recommend again to remove with a squeegee across the adhesive image. Shall be removed from the center outwards, as one gets out even the smallest bumps. For larger designs, you should have at least two people to mount the sticker.

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