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Specials Accessories - Tools and useful utensils around Renovating and Decorating

In the category Specials Accessories you will find some useful things you can use them when renovating and wallpapering well. Tools such as a wallpaper brush, scissors, or a wallpaper machete and paste the wallpaper or border adhesive can order directly to their wallpapers here.

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Metylan special paste 200 gr packet
Item no.: 13010
7,95 €/Stück7,95€*
Cutter bar for accurate cutting of wallpaper
Item no.: 13040
10,32 €/Stück10,32€*
GTV roll- Glue / non-woven wallpaper paste NEW! and INNOVATIVE
Brush for painters for painting plaster and wallpapering
Item no.: 11520
10,84 €/Stück10,84€*
Seam adhesive for wallpaper 60 g tube
Item no.: 13070
5,55 €/Stück5,55€*
GTV - scooter for the application of non-woven wallpaper paste
Seam roller, elastic- soft, cylindrical
Item no.: 90250
2,80 €/Stück2,80€*
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For paperring you need a lot of tools. Some tools can facilitate some of the paper work. Take for example the Metylan special paste to easily bring many wallpaper on the wall.

With a scooter deposition of non-woven wallpaper paste or a painter's brush of the appropriate adhesive is quickly brought to the wall or on the wallpaper.

Remember to protect your floor and your furniture in mind before wallpapering. With a simple thin tarpaulin and a little insulation tape that is done quickly.

If you have to go with the wallpaper demolish meet evildoers such as mold, then use the Jati Mold and Mildew remover in the 500 ml bottle. his will not happen to you next time again, you take precautions. With the residential air meter heating and ventilation is even easier. The instrument displays the room temperature and relative humidity, and gives them a signal to air.

If necessary, you can also obtain a special device that stores these values and can be read on a PC. Another device, the so-called climate handle, knows exactly when it's time to airing and also tells you when you have to close the window again.

To achieve a particularly beautiful inconspicuous seam wallpapering, the seam glue out of the tube and the matching seam roller offers optimal.

Look by yourself and find the right tool for your projects. Should you have any questions we will be happy to offer advice and practical help.

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