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Specials woodchip - paper and emphasize children's classic

In the category Specials woodchip you will find the classic woodchip to redesign the nursery. With different grain sizes and different structures, you have a wide choice here.

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The good old woodchip is still a popular classic of interior design. You can get the woodchip wallpaper in different structural levels in order to reach as many opticians on the wall. The Roll of woodchip differs as follows : You will receive woodchip wallpaper on a roll with a width of 0.53 m and a length of 33.5 m for a total area of 17.7 m². You'll also get the woodchip wallpaper with a roll size of 0.75 m in width and 125 m in length.

We encourage you during the processing of a woodchip wallpaper pasting machine paste, paste special or non- adhesive with a pasting machine or manually applied with a brush.

Woodchip wallpaper are PVC-free and are also particularly suitable for people with allergies. Therefore, these wallpapers are particularly well suited for a nursery.

The high tensile strength and impact resistance easy processing will be ensured. You can also process these wallpapers both on the ceiling an the walls. The woodchip has the special property that it can be overcoated with any dipersions paint for interior use.
Also a multiple recoating is possible. Please note that in a woodchip wallpaper deviates usually a time of about 10 minutes should adhere to. To be sure however, you should read the note inside the wallpaper pack.
Even in the nursery these wallpapers are a popular design tool. The fact that the wallpaper can be painted over several times, the redesign of the nursery is not quite as expensive. You can simply paint over the old color scheme. If you are stuck on the coated woodchip a braid, you should note that in the removal of the border woodchip wallpaper can be damaged. If you want to stick on the woodchip in the nursery stickers, you should note that the structure of the woodchip wallpaper can press through the sticker.

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