Specials white non-woven wallpaper - white wallpaper for the nursery with different structures

Discover our selection of white fleece fabric for the nursery. You can not decide between all the colors? That does not do anything. With a white non-woven wallpaper you are always right. Whether coarse or fine structures here are no limits.

White non-woven wallpapers are very versatile. You can combine the simple wallpaper very well with patterned wallpaper or photo wallpapers. The nice thing about fleece fabric is that they feature a moisture-resistant wallpaper back. The dimensionally stable nonwoven fibers ensure that the wallpaper remains dimensionally stable. An expansion or contraction is not possible here. Thus, a soaking the wallpaper roll is no longer necessary.

The wallpaper paste can be applied in simple rolling process on the wall. Following the wallpaper is dry applied to the pre-pasted wall surface. Another advantage is that you can remove the fleece fabric dry again later.
The nonwoven backing is so robust that you can simply remove the old wallpaper from the wall quickly and easily. One thing you need to consider in the processing of non-woven wallpaper: Before paper white non-woven wallpaper, the surface should be primed with a wallpaper primer. White fleece wallpapers can shine through color differences from the ground. Therefore we recommend and the manufacturers beforehand a wallpaper background. The basic wallpaper can be super fast to apply with any lambskin roller. White non-woven wallpapers are always up to date and have a long life. Even in the nursery, they are always welcome. If at some point no longer do you like or need the boys or girls room renovation, then you can easily paint over in a desired hue, the non-woven wallpaper.

In our children's wallpaper shop you will find many different structures and white colors of a wide variety of manufacturers. From Tuck to longitudinal strips of plaid to line structures or rather the rate plaster structure. Here you will find the right one. To make your decision easier, we can send them to sample. Be inspired by our selection. Then the renovation, nothing stands in the way.

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