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Numerous topics that make the children's bedroom individually

Find in our various themed areas suitable wallpaper for the baby room, nursery or youth room. With motive wallpapers of animals, comic or sports/football and much more can be make beautiful rooms for your kids.

Our topics are divided into different interests and hobbies sites that appeal to your children. Whether boy or girl, baby or teenager, our themes cover a wide area of interest of your kids, so you can find inviting wallpapers for your individual children`s room.

Under the theme of story/fairy tale there are many pattern wallpaper, on which typical fairy tale characters as shown, for example, frog prince, princesses or fairies. These wallpapers are very popular mainly with the girls.
In category Adventure you will find patterned wallpaper by pirates, spaceships and dinosaurs, which particularly like the boy's room spread an adventurous mood.

Natural wallpapers with trees, flowers and plants or animals are to be found under the Nature theme. With their colorful designs can be friendly, make bright rooms that are similar in nature.

Animals, too, are a very popular motif in girls and boys rooms. Of Dangerous and large animals such as elephants, giraffes, monkeys and lions to pets such as cats, rabbits, dogs or birds, there is much to discover.
Under the category of toys you can find colorful patterns that are designed with great toys such as robots, cars, and construction cranes and invite to play.

Sport and football are a very popular topic especially with the boys. Wallpaper for motorsports, basketball, sailing, surfing and football can be found here and discover in different colors.

As there are numerous wallpaper pattern on technology and vehicles, we have applied these in a separate category. Cars, motorcycles, excavators, trucks, tractors, buses, aircraft and much more is available as a wall covering in a variety of colors and shapes.

Behind the category Comic hide colorful wallpaper with funny, abstract figures and well-known Disney heroes that make the children´s room colorful.
Stars and clouds let the baby fall asleep gently and ensure a restful night. But even in children's or youth room Stars are very popular and conjure up a modern interior design.

But even simple uni wallpapers make in the nursery for an interesting interior design and can be wonderfully combined to patterned wallpapers and borders.
Likewise, strip wallpaper, which can be found in the category strips, a nice combination possibility with the matching patterns. Stripes create variety and make the walls seem higher.

In the category of non-ferrous see motley wallpapers in all sorts of colors, shapes and patterns. The bright colors add great contrast and eye-catcher in the children and teen rooms. If you are looking for a mural/photo wallpaper, you will be under the theme murals certainly find it. It has beautiful, colorful murals in different sizes and with different motives. Murals put a great highlight and make the room individually.
Points, hearts, ornaments, letter, lettering and much more is housed shapes in the category. These motifs are very popular especially in the girls room.

In the last category Incomparable there is to discover very special and unusual wallpaper. Stone walls, monuments, subway lines or style icon Audrey Hepburn, there are specialized in wallpaper for your own four walls. The modern style is in demand especially among young people and transformed the nursery into a modern teen rooms.

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