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Adventure for the nursery - with exciting wallpapers is the nursery for a land of adventures

Kids love adventure - preferably in their own homes. There are caves built ships capsized - boys and girls become brave pirates or explore the whole world. With fun and exciting wallpapers you create a very special place for their young explorers and the adventure can begin.

12-6260 BorasTapeter Scandinavian Designers Mini wallpaper red balloon
Item no.: 12-6260
4,64 €/m46,61€*59,00 €
Regatta Crew Rasch Textil 23-038978 wallpaper photography surf blue
Item no.: 23-038954
3,53 €/m35,48€*47,95 €
37-JR3003 Jack n Rose Junior Grandeco beige wallpaper balloons
Item no.: 37-JR3003
2,43 €/m24,44€*33,95 €
Rasch Textil Favola 23-303299 animals pirates border beige-grey non-woven
Item no.: 23-303299
4,04 €/m20,22€*29,95 €
Wallpaper aircraft beige boys 23-005413 Rasch Textil Babylandia
Item no.: 23-005413
2,61 €/m26,21€*34,95 €
36-TONI69473328 non-woven wallpaper Caselio - Tonic blue-grey world map motif
Item no.: 36-TONI69473328
3,88 €/m38,95€*40,15 €
Rasch Kids and Teens 2 7-766738 city writing dark-gray non-woven
Item no.: 7-766738
1,50 €/m15,09€*20,96 €
Rasch Textil Bimbaloo 2 23-804668 pirates decorative fabric light blue
Item no.: 23-804668
30,73 €/m30,73€*43,90 €

Children have a vivid fantasy  - with the right wall design the nursery can be an absolute favourite place for your kids. For boys pirates are a very popular theme. To be himself the captain of a large sailing ship to sail across the oceans is more beautiful and more exciting when ships, pirates, anchor, parrot, rescue rings and flags adorn the walls of the nursery. ""Sail ahoy!"" will be there probably loudly heard from the kids room. 

Contrasting may in maritime wall design naturally blue in a variety of colour depths not missing, as well as red and white. And which boy does not dream of an astronaut in a spaceship to experience his own space adventure. This desire for children is with the matching wallpaper on the walls of the nursery into the ultimate voyage of discovery - whether to the Moon, Mars or Jupiter. 

Wallpaper with aliens, UFOs, planets and rockets are a must have for any small space fan. A special feature can be achieved with wallpaper, which will glow in the dark - brings you this example on the ceiling of the little space hero may be a shining star sky his adventures continue dreaming. But of course, should the girls do not come up short when it comes to adventure. 

With creative ideas for a real dream girl in rose and pink enchant every child in a land of adventure just for girls. Especially popular are of course princesses who want to be saved by brave knights from the tower. But even fantasy figures such as elves and fairies can not be missing in a girls adventur. Creativity is also wondering if you have leftovers of the wallpaper. With these radicals great accessories can be make easily, such as a small wardrobe, a nice picture frame or a name tag of the little princess for the door to your own case.

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