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Themes Animals - Animal cool wallpapers for a wild children's room

Whether a boy or a girl, the world of animals is exciting for all children and awakens animal joy in the kids when their own children's room becomes a wild jungle, a zoo or even an eventful farm. Animals simply fascinate every child, and it does not matter whether they are wild tigers, cuddly rabbits, cute mice or giant dinosaurs. For all, there is the matching wallpaper, thus no children's wishes remain open.

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Rasch Textil Bimbaloo 2 23-330006 light blue balloon wallpaper animals
Item no.: 23-330006
1,59 €/m15,86€*22,65 €
Sanderson - Abracazoo 43-214024 letter zoo white paper wallpaper
Marburger Wallpapers Kunterbunt 6-45910 Borte pink adventure pattern
Item no.: 6-45910
14,36 €/Stück14,36€*19,94 €
Rasch Textil Favola 23-303200 non-woven wallpaper beige bears babies room
Item no.: 23-303200
2,01 €/m20,22€*29,95 €
29-ND21126 Smita Sweet Dreams gray-blue wallpaper llamas
Item no.: 29-ND21126
2,74 €/m27,57€*39,95 €
Polar bear mural 23-157321 Rasch Textil XL photowalls for kids
Item no.: 23-157321
222,60 €/Stück222,60€*278,25 €
Little Stars AS Creation 8-35848-1 border mint-green writing baby non-woven
Rasch Textil Fantasia 23-139012 mouse cloud moon wall sticker pink
Item no.: 23-139012
67,71 €/Stück67,71€*91,50 €
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When designing the children's room, it is particularly fun to be involved in the decision-making process. This is how every childrens room is guaranteed to become the unique animal world of your offspring and the wild adventures can begin.

Whether animals are from the forest, the sea, the wild savannah or the farm. For each child we offer you the suitable children's towels.

With the girls sweet forest animals such as owl and fox are full of trend and bring in colorful colors a lot of fun in the children's room. But also horses are very popular with the girls. With the guys, farm animals or wild jungles are more popular. With their lively imagination, the kids are transformed into a zoo director, a farmer or their own pony yard.

If the matching motif has been found, all animal wallpaper can be combined very well with unitapeten or stripes, so that a uniform and not overloaded picture in the children's room is created. Matching accessories such as carpets or curtains round off the picture harmoniously. To many children's tapestries, we also have the right fabrics in our shop. From finished decoration to meterware, you can let your creativity run wild.

Accents can also be put very well with embroidery. For example, there is a stick for sticking in the form of a giraffe. These stickers have the advantage that they can be attached super fast and easy. In addition, you will not only see how fast your child grows, but also have a decorative wall design.

So do not go to the nursery planning - best with the little ones together.

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