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Children's room borders and borders for boys and girls

In this category you will find all the different tapes from the wallpapers for the children's room. You can choose your color, pattern or price, and find the matching nursery border for your little boy or little girl.

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Texdecor Casadeco - My Little World 36-MLW29854300 Borte rosa
Item no.: 36-MLW29854300
5,58 €/m27,89€*28,75 €
Little Stars AS Creation 8-35848-1 border mint-green writing baby non-woven
36-PRLI69194076 Caselio - Pretty Lili Texdecor border paper writing green
Item no.: 36-PRLI69194076
6,06 €/m30,31€*31,25 €
36-jul-18931104 Jules et Julie braid bunny pink baby room
Item no.: 36-jul-18931104
5,66 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
436029-GLN123932340 Girls Dreams light blue paper border wallpaper flags
Item no.: 436029-GLN123932340
5,34 €/m26,72€*27,55 €
Marburger Tapeten Kunterbunt 6-45904 border pink comic pattern
Item no.: 6-45904
14,36 €/Stück14,36€*19,94 €
Essener Tiny Tots 28-G90112 creamy white alphabet non-woven edging
Item no.: 28-G90112
4,67 €/m23,36€*29,95 €
Essener Tiny Tots 28-G90116 non-woven edging Farm light blue
Item no.: 28-G90116
4,67 €/m23,36€*29,95 €
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Borten is particularly popular in the children's room, as it offers a wide range of design possibilities. Balls are often used as optical separation on the wall.

The wallpaper border is often available with the same or similar patterns matching the children's wallpaper. There is hardly a children's collection, which does not get any suitable borders for wallpapers and decorative fabrics.

A popular combination of wallpaper and border: The upper part of the wall is wallpapered with a pattern wallpaper and the lower part with dots, stripes or even plain colors. The border then serves as a super transition of the two different wallpapers and also hides the transition seam.

Also generally single-colored children's rooms can be spiced up with a subtle border. In combination with wall stickers, you can also freshen up a single-colored children's room wallpapered with razor.

The border is available with different characteristics. Often these are based on the characteristics of the wallpapers or even identical. The paper or fleece border can be simply applied over the wallpaper with the appropriate paste. Often, the borders are also available with a self-adhesive backing and therefore no adhesive is needed for the application.

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