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Theme Colorful - Childrens room wallpapers with colorful and cheerful motifs

A colorful children's room - what kid does not dream of it also? Colorful nature motifs or animal motifs, can beat the little explorers heart bigger make the kids on a great adventure. The category Themes colorful almost summarize all colorful wallpapers and design options together.

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Komar Sticker 58-14040 Wall sticker Simba and Nala multicolored
Item no.: 58-14040
29,90 €/Stück29,90€*
Mural graphic animal children 55-399123 Eijffinger Mini Me
Item no.: 55-399123
210,00 €/Stück210,00€*
Douce Nuit 36-DCN22691115 cream-white birds paper-wallpaper border
Item no.: 36-DCN22691115
5,66 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Girls Dreams 436029-GLN124108044 pink paper strip wallpaper
Item no.: 436029-GLN124108044
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Esta Home Love 56-156808 ColourwallXL set Love Turquoise Pink
Item no.: 56-156808
49,94 €/Stück49,94€*
Harlequin - All About Me 43-120228 decorative fabric points colorful boy
Girls Dreams 436029-GLN123908254 creamy white paper hearts wallpaper
Item no.: 436029-GLN123908254
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
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Colorful children's rooms are still very popular with the little ones. They make the nursery look lively and cheerful and thus ensure a carefree approach.

Whether in the girls' room or the boy's room is not important, because it is so colorful in almost every nursery. Time and again, wall-paper collections for children and motifs such as flower meadows, graphic patterns or simply striped tapes are marvelously combined with uni-colored wallpapers.

Also batik patterns or wallpaper in marble optics with many colorful colors that flow into each other are always popular elements in the design of the children's room. These can be combined effortlessly to all children's bedroom furniture and provide a fresh glow in the boys and girls room.

A colorful color pattern makes the children's room cheerful and ensures that the children can play in their room and have fun. The wallpapers do not have to contain colorful motifs, but also one-color wallpapers can be combined with each other.

For example, one can create a great large-area strip pattern on the wall from unitpacks, which can be designed as desired. It is not even important to choose the texture of the wallpaper, but you can combine it wildly.

Many beautiful accessories can also be combined to create colorful wallpapers. For example, you can see colorful wardrobe and door buttons on the children 's rooms.

If you are looking for a colorful pattern wallpaper, here are always flower motifs or

Colorful animal worlds very popular. We wish you a lot of fun in this category and in the colorful design of the children's room.

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