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Themes Comics - wallpapers with comic figures and funny television heroes

Who does not know the colorful comic figures from magazines and television. Take her heroes home. With comic figures on wallpapers you will find many design possibilities for the room of your little ones. Whether as a wallpaper, as a border, as a wallsticker or even as a photo-wallpaper or wall-painting, the Comichelden can be found everywhere.

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Disney Fantasy Deco Rasch Textil 23-S30307 mint uni wallpaper paper
Item no.: 23-S30307
1,90 €/m19,04€*27,60 €
Harlequin - All About Me 43-120217 pink decoration fabric girl
Item no.: 43-120217
53,30 €/m53,30€*
Wall Mural Komar 58-4-411 colorful Winnie the Pooh Adventure
Item no.: 58-4-411
61,45 €/Stück61,45€*
Komar Sticker 58-16404 Window Stickers fairies colorful
Item no.: 58-16404
29,75 €/Stück29,75€*
Disney Fantasy Deco Rasch Textil 23-R30252 princess rose paper wallpaper
Item no.: 23-R30252
1,90 €/m19,04€*27,60 €
58-8-479 Komar photo wallpaper Disney Frozen Frozen Elsa colorful
Item no.: 58-8-479
96,76 €/Stück96,76€*
Photowall 23-013050 Rasch Textil Tapeten Olly
Item no.: 23-013050
369,99 €/Stück369,99€*
Komar photo wallpaper 58-4-447 STAR WARS Three Droids colorful
Item no.: 58-4-447
61,45 €/Stück61,45€*
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Comic figures make children's eyes shine. They accompany a whole lot when they grow up. Encourage the imagination of the children.

Wallpapers have the great advantage that they offer many design possibilities. They are offered in numerous patterns and colors. They also find a large selection of wallpapers with comic figures.

For large rooms you can take powerful colors and large patterns for all walls. Here, especially wall murals for the children's room would be suitable. These could then still be embellished with the appropriate wall tattoos.

For small rooms, we recommend a wall with a strong color or pattern and the other walls with decent wallpaper. The matching mini-colors and wallpapers are always available for every sample wallpaper in the individual wall-paper collections, which you find in our shop. The matching wallpaper is usually also available in the matching color and has the same properties in surface and structure. In this way, the childrens' rooms of the little ones can be redesigned.

In the comics category you will find not only the drawn stars from TV and television, but also from the classic comic books. Again and again the trend is the well-known Mangafiguren from Japan, which is good on the wall in the girls room as well as in the boys room. The colors can be totally different. There are both colorful wallpaper available, as well as black and white drawn line drawing. Do not just look at the famous heroes from the comic world, but also see many other cute animated motifs, letters, animals and toys as a helpful design tool in the children's room. We hope you enjoy the products in this category.

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