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Theme shapes - children's tapestries with dots, hearts, letters and more

Repeatedly popular patterns in the children 's room are certain forms, such as dots, checks, hearts, letters or even ornaments, which can also be found on children' s tapestries. In many different colors, whether pink-blue or colorful, you will find these special shapes on our wallpapers.

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Origin Hide & Seek 49-347502 non-woven wallpaper creme-white nacre leaves
Item no.: 49-347502
4,74 €/m47,60€*59,50 €
23-128703 Rasch Textil Everybody Bonjour light gray zigzag non-woven
Item no.: 23-128703
4,17 €/m41,90€*57,41 €
Rasch Textil #FAB 23-138858 circles non-woven wallpaper brown coral
Item no.: 23-138858
3,40 €/m34,15€*49,50 €
#Smalltalk BN / Voca geometric lines 12-219243 Non-woven wallpaper light pink
Rasch Textil Favola 23-303251_L non-woven wallpaper pink dots shining
Item no.: 23-303251
2,01 €/m20,22€*29,95 €
Wallpaper teepee light blue beige boys Babylandia 23-005443 Rasch Textil
Item no.: 23-005443
2,61 €/m26,21€*34,95 €
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Forms are a popular pattern on the walls, both in boys 'rooms and in girls' rooms. For certain shapes there is no limit in color design.

We find forms both on the wallpaper, on borders, as stickers or even on curtains. Here, dots, hearts, checks, and even flowers are a recurring pattern. But also particularly striking patterns for example spectacles or even handbags on the wallpaper find a special appeal with the small ones.

Wallpapers from the theme area shapes can be combined very easily and wonderfully with both sample wallpaper and also Uni wallpapers. Depending on the pattern you choose exactly one can also combine this with a striped wallpaper.

The colors red, orange, pink and violet are most popular in the girls' room. Often, these colors are also combined in the form of patchwork patterns. Especially popular are forms such as ornaments, checks, dots and stylized flowers.

In the boy's room, on the other hand, points, checks and special letters are often popular. It does not matter at which age the boy is. Often wallpaper with a special shape is relatively timeless, so you can use it for any age group.

In some children's collections there are also wallpapers with shapes, which are provided with a special luster effect or luster pigments. These wallpapers also make a discreetly designed children's room a real highlight. Glossy surfaces are an absolute trend for boys and girls, and they are also often found matching the appropriate decorative materials and curtain fabrics.

Here you can find a wide selection of different shapes on the wallpaper, on the porte and also on curtain fabrics.

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