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Something very special for the children's and youth room are photo-pots and murals.

Wall paintings are versatile, they are available in different shapes and colors. Of course, the patterns or the photos on the wall pictures are of course decisive. Whether for big or small, boys and girls, here you will find Beautiful wall paintings for every room of their children.

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Mural play street 23-158836 Rasch Textil XL photowalls for kids
Item no.: 23-158836_2
149,25 €/Stück149,25€*199,00 €
Casadeco Alice & Paul 36-AEP28195504 circus mural girls
Item no.: 36-AEP28195504
114,45 €/Stück114,45€*118,00 €
AS Creation The magic Unicorns 8-471928 colorful unicorns photo wallpaper XL
Item no.: 8-471928
332,36 €/Stück332,36€*415,45 €
Eijffinger Wallpower Junior 55-364103 panda mural olive non-woven
Eijffinger Wallpower Junior 55-364154 mural grey dinosaur
Item no.: 55-364154
70,71 €/m198,00€*
Photowall 23-013011 Rasch Textil Tapeten Olly
Item no.: 23-013011
369,99 €/Stück369,99€*
Mural sheet optics 28-51173610 Les Aventures Essener
Item no.: 28-51173610
108,50 €/Stück108,50€*155,00 €
Eijffinger Rice 55-359171 mural non-woven girls yellow pink animals
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Wall paintings are very beautiful large photos or motifs with sensual colors and beautiful shapes. These are often glued to walls to give the four walls a new look, often serve as a real eye-catcher for the whole family.

Have you already painted a children's room and want to bring some whistle in the matter or have not much space for pattern wallpapers, since the space is very small and angled or is only on a wall space is for a highlight? Then a wall painting is a very nice and above all also functional alternative to spice up a children / youth room.

Since the wall paintings are available in many different sizes, the selection is a clack. And the same way you can use the photos differently. With large rooms and a lot of space you can use them to give the room more fullness. This makes it possible to concentrate on larger patterns and give the walls more color. You can completely redesign and enhance a child's room very easily and very quickly.

Wall paintings are often printed on a carrier and can thus be processed as a wallpaper. The very smooth wallpapers are brought to the wall by rail. When processing a phototape you should be aware that the substrate is also smooth. Every little bruise would get through the wallpapers.

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