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Themes Nature - wallpapers with animals, flowers or wood look in the children's room

With subjects of animals, flowers and trees beautiful, natural children's rooms can be designed. Whether large or small, filigree motifs they look very inviting and cozy. Also wallpapers with wood panel look are very popular and modern.

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BorasTapeter Scandinavian Designers Mini 12-6252 dark forest wallpaper
Item no.: 12-6252
5,42 €/m54,51€*69,00 €
Little Bandits Rasch Textil mural 23-158839 Mint Green Mountains
Item no.: 23-158839
215,63 €/Stück215,63€*287,50 €
12-6236 BorasTapeter Scandinavian Designers Mini flower-child wallpaper
Item no.: 12-6236
6,21 €/m62,41€*79,00 €
Rasch Textil Fantasia 23-288833 white rope wallpaper flower pattern
Item no.: 23-288833
1,99 €/m19,95€*26,95 €
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Design the children's room with nature wallpapers! This is not meant to be an exclusive, costly wallpaper made of natural material, but vioestaptes or paper posters, which are printed with natural motifs of, for example, animals, plants, flowers or trees. The motifs range from detailed, deceptively real-looking to abstract, simplified forms and illustrations that fit into the baby and youth rooms.

With animal motifs, your children discover numerous animals. Animals such as lions, bears, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, whales, dolphins, fish, birds, horses, owls, cats, hares or dogs come from different animal worlds and from different continents. This way, your little ones will also get to know the creatures that are not at home.

Flowers and plants are particularly popular in girls' rooms. The colorful flowers in small and large conjure up from the wall a colorful flower meadow. Also, flowers from roses that curl along the walls put a romantic highlight in the teen room. More and more, the forms are decorated with checkered, striped or dotted patterns that emphasize the flower pattern once again and underline the character.

In the boy's room, wood walls are currently in full swing. The wallpapers with wooden panel optics look deceptively genuine and give the room a cool atmosphere through the "used look". The different color versions range from genuine wood tones to varnished wooden panels that radiate homely character.

Also wall paintings, borders or fabrics are a great way to make the nursery beautiful. They set small highlights and underlined the comfort.

Find beautiful, inviting wallpapers, ornaments, decorative fabrics or wall paintings, which naturally make the baby room, children's room or youth room beautiful.

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