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Themes Incomparable - Extravagant and special wallpapers as a highlight in the children's room

The pattern wallpapers from the category "Incomparable" are anything but boring: modern motifs and cool patterns on wallpapers transform the children's and youth room into a very special space that becomes a real eye-catcher.

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423055-276440 Used Look petrol metal-look non-woven
Item no.: 423055-276440
4,23 €/m42,49€*48,30 €
Regatta Crew Rasch Textil 23-128873 non-woven wallpaper anchor black white
Item no.: 23-128873
4,41 €/m44,36€*59,95 €
Used Look 423055-276454 black-gray non-woven houses
Item no.: 423055-276454
4,23 €/m42,49€*48,30 €
Origin Hide & Seek 49-337214 soft-rose orange non-woven wallpaper bubbles
Item no.: 49-337214
3,94 €/m39,60€*49,50 €
Used Look 423055-276500 gray non-woven wallpaper wood look
Item no.: 423055-276500
4,23 €/m42,49€*48,30 €
56-156807 Esta Home Love ColourwallXL set Simple Pink Girl
Item no.: 56-156807
49,94 €/Stück49,94€*
Wallpaper wood look light gray children 23-005406_L Rasch Textil Babylandia
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Our creative category "Incomparable" shows you as the name suggests, incomparable patterns and motifs that attract every eye - from children's rooms to youth rooms.

For the girls, this category includes modern and romantic pattern tapestries. Especially a combination of lettering, words and motifs give the girls' room a modern look. Patterns with letters, hearts, sights, celebrities and many more. Give the childrens' room something special.

Guys can look forward to great colorful motifs such as color patches, aliens, small monsters, punky kids and more.

The naughty pattern wallpapers make fun and create a funny mood in your child's room.

Wall murals are also a highlight in every room and are more interesting for your child and visitor with cheeky and unusual motifs.

The category "Incomparable" also shows many designs for youth rooms: cool jeans, for example, look casual on the wall. Letters are also popular in the youth room, as they create a more modern, modern atmosphere. If you like something cool, Graffitis and Street Style are the right thing in the room: hip-hopers or the freedom statues make you want to live in the city and let the teenagers design their rooms to suit their interests or hobbies.

Wallpaper with eye-catching patterns and illustrations will bring new momentum into your child's room and invite creativity. Combine the pattern wallpaper with Unis, for example, and let the eyes fall immediately on the favorite motif of your child.

Discover in our category "Incomparably the special wallpaper, which stands out from others by its pattern and thus makes the room something special.

Have fun browsing through the incomparable wallpaper!

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