Theme Stars / Clouds - wallpaper with stars and clouds

Bring a bit of heaven into the children's room. Wallpaper with stars and clouds invite the children to dream and create a very special feel-good atmosphere in the girls room and boys room.

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Mural Rasch Textil 23-158843 Little Bandits pink Wölckchen
Item no.: 23-158843
215,63 €/Stück215,63€*287,50 €
Bambino XVIII 7-245240 Rasch stars wallpaper paper stars green
Item no.: 7-245240
1,08 €/m10,81€*15,45 €
Non-woven wallpaper Rasch Textil clouds gray white 23-138945 Little Bandits
Rasch Bambino XVIII 7-836133 white fabric stars yellow opaque
Item no.: 7-836133
24,47 €/m24,47€*34,95 €
Photowall 23-013054 Rasch Textil Tapeten Olly
Item no.: 23-013054
369,99 €/Stück369,99€*
Rasch Textil Little Bandits 23-158841 Mural Star Mint Green
Item no.: 23-158841
215,63 €/Stück215,63€*287,50 €
Sweet Dreams 29-ND21143 Smita white wallpaper starlet
Item no.: 29-ND21143
2,74 €/m27,56€*39,95 €
Rasch Kids and Teens 2 7-734522 white pink motif non-woven glitter
Item no.: 7-734522
1,64 €/m16,53€*22,96 €
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Your own starry sky in the bedroom. Or rather the cloudy wallpaper in the children's room. Wallpapers invite you to dream. Design your room covers differently.

So they can choose from a variety of wallpapers with stars. A special effect here are stars, which shine in the dark. There are different color combinations. E.g. Yellow on blue or else yellow on white.

Star tapes can also be combined well on a wall. So there are small stars on a pastel colored background, which are suitable for the children's room.

When the kids are bigger, there are stars in the poppy design. Then the colors become stronger and the stars are filled with cool speeches. If you want to count the number of sheep in the bed, then decide for the cloudy wallpaper. Again, there are various color variations, e.g. White on blue or white on pink. Turn the children's room into a dream landscape. Combine cloudy wallpaper with a plain or subtle pattern wallpaper. A light strip is also suitable for this purpose.

If you like it simple, you get stars and cloud patterns on borders as well. The borders are then glued to the wallpaper. For this purpose, a border glue is used. You will receive the stars and clouds as paper and wallpaper.

The dimensions of Eurorolle are 10,05m x 0,53m (5,33qm) for the wallpaper. For gluing, use a special glue which is matched to the wallpaper.

Processing instructions from the manufacturer are always found on the insert in the wallpaper roll.

Let them and their children be inspired by the choice of stars and cloud-bound tapestries for a dream home.

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