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Theme stripes - stripes in colorful colors for boys 'and girls' rooms

Stripes for the girls 'room and girls' room are available in many discreet but also colorful colors. Whether wide or narrow stripes on smooth wallpapers or finely structured, simply colored stripes or stripes in the form of patterns, here is something for every children's room.

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23-330297 Bimbaloo 2 Rasch Textil stripes gray beige girl
Item no.: 23-330297
1,59 €/m15,86€*22,65 €
Love Esta Home 56-186807 Decorative fabric stripes white turquoise
Item no.: 56-186807
17,96 €/Meter17,96€*19,94 €
BorasTapeter Scandinavian Designers Mini 12-6264 wallpaper stripes
Item no.: 12-6264
3,85 €/m38,71€*49,00 €
Texdecor Caselio - Oh la la 36-OLA66215050 pink stripes Paper
Item no.: 36-OLA66215050
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
436029-GLN124110176 Girls Dreams strips of red paper wallpaper
Item no.: 436029-GLN124110176
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Texdecor Caselio - Oh la la 36-OLA66346001 fabric strips purple
Item no.: 36-OLA66346001
31,67 €/m31,67€*32,65 €
Rasch Textil 23-136419 Regatta Crew pattern wallpaper blue stripes
Item no.: 23-136419_2
3,82 €/m38,37€*47,95 €
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Stripes were already early, but also today a popular design element in the children 's room. The nursery wall is divided into two sections. For this the border is still very popular. It divides the wall into an upper and a lower area. Here, it is a matter of taste, whether you divide both areas equally, or whether the lower or upper area is divided into larger areas.

The most popular divisions are Unitapete combined with a pattern wallpaper or a pattern wallpaper in combination with a stripe wallpaper. The nice thing about a striped wallpaper is that often colors, which are contained in the pattern wallpaper, are also found in the stripe wallpaper. But also often colorful colors are used in the room. For children, the imagination should not be limited.

A particularly great eye-catcher and a special highlight in the children's room of toddlers are stripe towels, which offer the children the opportunity to paint them later. Because here, in every case, there is always a colorful color scheme.

You can also get a special picture in the children's room, because they combine different widths with each other. In order to achieve a particularly high-contrast result, you can also achieve a stripe optic by wallpapering wall-paper of different colors on the wall.

But not only the walls can be decorated with stripes. They are also suitable for decorating and crafting. For example, old pieces of furniture can be washed up with wallpaper. If you are not exactly sure how to arrange your stripes, you can also get inspired by our space pictures in the "" Space Images "" category.

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