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Theme toys - wallpapers for games and fun in the children's room

Colorful and fun pattern-wallpaper expect you in the collection "toys”. Topics such as toy cars, robots and teddy bears make the games even more beautiful in the nursery and create a good mood.

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Harlequin - All About Me 43-130760 decoration fabric red aircraft
Game street mural 23-058835 XL photowalls for kids Rasch Textil
Item no.: 23-058835_2
149,25 €/Stück149,25€*199,00 €
Photowall 23-013069 Rasch Textil Tapeten Olly
Item no.: 23-013069
369,99 €/Stück369,99€*
Harlequin - All About Me 43-130758 aircraft taupe decorative fabric
Photowall 23-013080 Rasch Textil Tapeten Olly
Item no.: 23-013080
240,00 €/Stück240,00€*
Girls Dreams 436029-GLN123890160 creamy white buttons paper wallpaper
Item no.: 436029-GLN123890160
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
36-jul-19004106 Jules et Julie Papierborte pink girl room
Item no.: 36-jul-19004106
5,66 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Wallpaper airplane light blue children Rasch Textil Babylandia 23-005421_L
Item no.: 23-005421
2,61 €/m26,21€*34,95 €
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Children's toys can not be imagined from their childhood and make every day of your child a small adventure. The objects become the favorite object of a child and often even get their own name.

Tape wallpaper with toys and bring a great atmosphere into the space, which stimulates the imagination and makes you want to play:

In this category, you can choose from a lot of patterned cars with cars, buses and airplanes that fly and fly over the walls of the children's room, making the room a real race track or commemorating the traffic of a big city. This creates a lot of space for adventurous story-makers.

Toys can also help your child learn: wallpaper with letters and numbers stimulate the mind of your little one and help the child playfully learn new things. In addition, the many colors of the wallpapers bring lots of color into the children's room.

A cozy atmosphere is provided by toys such as cute cuddly toys: bears, teddies or other animals like bunnies or mice look cute and spread security in the children's room.

If you simply want to spice up a simple room with the favorite toy of your child, you can decorate a border or a wall-painting and place an accent in the room of the boy or the girl.

Fabrics and bed linen on the subject of toys complete the overall impression and provide comfort in the children's room.

Our category "Toys" invites you to discover a wallpaper that connects your child with play and fun.

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