Themed vehicles / technology - cars, trucks and motorcycles on the children's wall

The theme world of vehicles and technology is especially interesting for the guys. We offer a variety of modern children's rooms. A mix of wallpaper, furniture, fabric and carpets make the children's room a comfortable oasis. The subject of vehicles and technology covers a great age range.

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36-OLB64813002 Only Boys cream-white paper wallpaper Motocross
Item no.: 36-OLB64813002
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Rasch Textil #FAB 23-138843 black-white non-woven wallpaper cameras
Item no.: 23-138843
3,40 €/m34,15€*49,50 €
36-OLB64747016 Only Boys Cars Vinyl border boys cream-white
Item no.: 36-OLB64747016
7,02 €/m35,11€*36,20 €
36-OLB64827070 Only Boys Vinyl border cream-white Motocross
Item no.: 36-OLB64827070
7,02 €/m35,11€*36,20 €
Photowall 23-013046 Rasch Textil Tapeten Olly
Item no.: 23-013046
295,00 €/Stück295,00€*
Douce Nuit 36-DCN22736112 paper-wallpaper cream-white motifs
Item no.: 36-DCN22736112
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Harlequin - All About Me 43-130760 decoration fabric red aircraft
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In our shop we have many different wallpapers in the field of vehicle and technology. These types of wallpapers are especially popular with the guys. The many different cars and colors make the room more interesting and exciting.

Of course we also have monochrome wallpapers with different motifs such as robots, trucks or airplanes. You will see your boy will be delighted by our selection. The technical motifs stimulate the children's room and at the same time awaken the interest in technology. This is the first step for our little ones to understand the big world.

Your own four walls should be arranged according to the taste of your children. Only then can children and even youth unfold freely. There are great traffic stacks with it, they can bring their protege the traffic rules closer. They have not only a nice motif wallpaper but also have a learning effect at the same time

The large tractor on the farm is also good at the children's wall. Thus the memories of the last holidays on the farm can be recalled directly. After all, technology and nature are also closely related.

Even youth rooms can be modern and trendy with the topic of vehicles / technology. How about e.g. With a quaint old omnibus that embellishes the nursery. Or a trip straight to New York City with the old famous Liberty statue on Ellis Island and a typical American Cadillac?

Vehicles, devices and robots on wallpaper, on borders, as stickers or as a wall picture - much fun while browsing in the Kindertapeten Shop!

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