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Thats us!!

On this page we would like to introduce our company, but mainly our store in Reken, Germany. Our company was founded over 90 years and is based in Reken. In Schulstraße 3 there is our retail and management with a total area of 1000 square feet.

For questions, please contact us and take advantage of our service!

Tel.: +49 2864 / 9487-90

Do you prefer a personally advice?

Then visit us in our store in Reken, Germany! A good and professional advice is very important. Whether color design, wallpapering find the right accessories or processing instructions. Our qualified staff will actively support!

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In our specialist shop you could browse in round about 600 wallpaper collection books for the perfect wallpaper. To look for the light conditions and to compare your favourite wallpapers in your room at home, you can borrow our books!

For the perfect creation of your room we also bid more advice to another aspects than just for wallpapers like for example to different floor- and wallcoverings, interior decoration and stucco mouldings.

In addition our own interior decorators bids a service to sew your individual bedding, pillows or for example curtains in your own size. You just have to choose your favourite fabric and tell us your measure.

If you decide upon our sewing service after your visit in our shop, you have the chance to use our service online in our Onlineshops.




A part of our history...

Franz Ewering established the family business in 1929.

At the beginning Franz Ewering personally did paintwork and at that time he put special value on imitations of marble and imitations of old wood. In the 50s, a small sales shop of 16 m² was opened up.

1963 his son Franz Ewering got into the family business. That same year, the store was expanded to 60 square meters. Over the years the company expanded steadily in space and product range.

1982 another hall was built and half of it belonged to the shop and the other half to the painting company. 1992 another building was acquired that takes in the workshop of the company.

With today's owner Dirk Ewering, already the third generation got into the company in 1997. In the years 1998 - 2000 then again, the store was rebuilt one by one. In May 2000 the opening of the curtain department marked the end of the reconstruction.

In 2000, Franz Ewering retired from business. The paintwork services were continued from that time with the painting company “Malerbetrieb Ewering GmbH” from Dirk Ewering.

With the handover of the store with the decorating department at the end of 2004 Dirk Ewering continued the business from 2005 under “Ewering Raumdesign”. From this time also the first online shop was established. Today, more than 12.000 articles are sold on the Internet.

The store now has a total area of 1.000 square meters. In the second building on Dorstener Str. 8-10 there are 1.000 square meters available for workshop, machinery and equipment.

Today 75 people are working in the company in Reken. Since January 2010, the company “Ewering Berlin GmbH” combines the activities in the federal capital with further 25 local employees.