Flat walls with smooth non-woven-wallpapers

A ideal subsoil for flat painting are flat non-woven-wallpapers

Smooth non-woven wallpaper are an ideal base for smooth coats. Often the surfaces are differently high absorbent. Therefore mixed substrates such as plaster, plasterboard or concrete with smooth coats can lead to problems. In addition, to achieve a evenly color and shine it is recommended to use a smooth fleece. According to VOB DIN 18 363 it is even required for crack-bridging coating structures on plasterboard.


A flat non-woven wallpaper must glued on a flat wall

For plasterboard is fleece the right choice.
They can be efficiently prepare for smooth paint.
The spackling of plasterboard is classified into grades Q1 to Q4.
In the stage of Q3 the base for non-woven wall coverings is suitable. By wallpapering with fabric Q4 level is reached. Another advantage of a fleece is that the fleece material, a evenly absorbent surface and creates equalize the ground color.

Different species of flat non-woven wall coverings

There are various types of smooth non-woven- wall coverings.
A distinction is made between two product categories.
To a pre-primed fiberglass and other non-woven wallpaper of webs of Pulp and textile fibers with polymeric binders. Glass fleeces are already primed, there are different weights of 130g / m² to 200g / m². Fleece of cellulose- and textile fibers with polymeric binders are the standard basis weights of 130g / m² to 160g / m².