It is a fabric that darkens the room to 95%. The manufacturer reserves the right to that a bit of light still shines through. There are ways to darken the room completely by sewing an other fabric behind the fabric.


Accessories are products that are considered to decorate such as pillows, carpets, pictures or tablecloths. In the fashion industry hats, belts, gloves, bags, scarves and jewelry are popular accessories.

suitable as bedding

Substances that are easily washable, will not fade, do not jump in and are wrinkle resistant. The fabrics that are suitable for bedding, mostly made of cotton. They are often to iron after washing on. The ability of cotton is that it is softer than other fabrics.

suitable as a pillow

Substances that are easily washable, colorfast, not step in and are wrinkle resistant.

Batch pattern

Before the actual printing process, a so-called production pattern is created. It is decided by the quality of how the pattern can be optimally implemented and by what procedure / technique it is produced.

Batch number

On the leaflet of any wallpaper rolls you can find the production number. At continuous wall surfaces should always correspond with the same batch number, otherwise color variations can be occur.


Free match means that wallpaper strips are continually tailored to the required runway length, without the need to pay attention to a sampling. So, the roles are used particularly efficiently.

Burnout fabric

Burnout are also called inbetween fabrics hanging with their optics together. A burnout is just opaque in the making. After the etching paste has destroyed the synthetic fibers, stay transparent spots at these places. Through the processing of two different fiber materials also arise disadvantages. The cellulose fibers may shrink during washing and wrinkle of the unlike synthetic fibers. This can cause the substances unevenly ances. For some years it is possible burnout fabrics with two synthetic produce fibers. These are easy to maintain and can also be equipped fire retardant.

excellent lightfastness

The surface is very well protected from incidence of light.

adequate lightfastness

The surface is sufficiently protected from incidence of light.

Bauhaus wallpaper

Typical of the "Bauhaus style" are clear shapes and curves, as well as tissue-like structures on the wallpaper. Murals in the Bauhaus style are also available as non-woven wallpaper.

satisfying lightfastness

The surface is satisfactorily protected from incidence of light.

blue angel eco

The Blue Angel labels since 1978, products and services that are environmentally friendly. 1978 that label was launched by the Federal Minister de interior and the competent environmental protection ministers of the states in life.


Opaque substances are, for example, jeans, cotton, satin, velvet, polar fleece, felt, terry cloth and many others. An Opaque fabric is like a decorative fabric which prevents seeing through when the light is turned on in the room. However, there may be depending on lighting conditions, that light may shine through.


Braids and borders can be used as a base or as a ceiling finish. Also trims are available in many different materials such as: non-woven, paper, vinly, in most cases, a border is 5m long. Partly also self-adhesive borders are produced.

Iron 110°

The fabric can be ironed at 110 degrees. More information must be taken from the operating instructions of the iron.

Iron 150°

The fabric can be ironed at 150 degrees. More information must be taken from the operating instructions of the iron.

Iron 200°

The fabric can be ironed at 200 degrees. More information must be taken from the operating instructions of the iron.

coloreds washing 40°

This curtain is washable in the coloreds wash program to 40 degrees.

coloreds washing 60°

This curtain is washable in the coloreds wash program to 60 degrees.


CE is not a seal but a government sign. CE means that the product meets the applicable requirements set out in the regulations of harmonics rights the community for its affixing.

chemical cleaning

The Dry Cleaning is a cleaning where textiles are cleaned in non-aqueous solvents. It is so far the most common form of professional dry cleaning. In this form of cleaning the textile fibers do not swell the special form remains stable, as it is in a dry state. The solvent used washes the fibers.

cm width of the fabric

The production amount of the substance is called a fabric height. These are available in following specifications: 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm, 130 cm, etc. This information is only available as decorative materials (opaque). Here, the length of the material is ordered. Note: At the Order should be observed the rapport information.

cm height of the fabric

The production amount of the substance is called a fabric height. These are available in following specifications: 220 cm, 250 cm, 280 cm, etc ... This information is only available with transparent fabrics. Here the width of the material is ordered.

CO - Cotton

Cotton fibers are often used in admixture with synthetic fibers. Cotton can absorb an enormous amount of moisture without feeling wet and is very comfortable to wear. However, it does not hold peculiar poor and severely creases. Fabrics made of cotton are very tear resistant and durable. They can be hot washed, dried and ironed, but they run a strong, if they were not pretreated.

Cutter edge

A cutter edge is one of the wallpapering tools. The rail is an aluminum which is used for application in ceiling corners and cutting rail as baseboards.


The cutter originated by the company Stanley Works of New Britain, Connecticut. A distinction is made between cutter and utility knife with snap-off blades with trapezoidal or fixed hook blade. With segment cutter blades are usually for cardboard, paper, plaster and usually thinner thermoplastic materials used during the utility knife with a fixed blade and carpeted floors, veneers, bags or cables are cut.

CV - Viscose

CV-cotton viscose similar due to their chemical composition of Viskosfaser, fiber unit as well as the fiber length. This fiber is produced by the viscose industry. Often, the viscose is not only in textiles but also in areas used tampons, wet wipes, cotton buds, cleaning cloths and tea bags.

decor fabric

Opaque and solids are referred to as furnishing fabrics. These are often used as decoration, protection from cold and privacy. To day the room with natural light to illuminate the decorative fabric is usually on and pull the attached. A decorative fabric is most side of the window. He is also denser than a voile or store. The decorative fabric is not transparent, that is he lets the light shine through but a person is not recognized.

Digital print

Digital printing means that the print image is transferred directly from a computer in a printing machine without the use of a static pressure mold. Thus wallpapers are printed directly from the digital press.

Dimensional stability

Dimensionally stable states that under varying ambient conditions, for example, remains dimensionally stable wood. Species with good dimensional stability have good dimensional stability. They hardly change their dimensions and not deform.

double cut

In a double cut the tracks are 5 - 8 cm overlaps and cut with the edge trimmer.

duplicated embossed paper

An embossed wall clothing is of high quality and the embossing is retained when wallpapering.


There are different variants of pasting. There are wall murals are pasted and a soaking time of about 3 - have 5 minutes. Here, a trestle table is to notwenig the tracks completely Paste, A trestle table is 3m long, so that the web can be designed completely. With non-woven wallpaper only the wall is pasted with a tassel.


Soaking is a different meaning for steeping. A paper wallpaper must soak 3-5 minutes.

EL - Elastane

Elasthan ist dauerhaft formbeständig und verfügt über eine Dehnbarkeit von bis zu 700%. Andere Vorteile von Elasthan sind: Leicht färbbar, glatt und weich. Für Bekleidung wird dieser Stoff vor allem verwendet. Eher selten findet man diese Faser in Gardinen und Dekorationsstoffen. EMV-Tapete EMV- Tapeten halten den Elektrosmog ab. EMV bedeutet elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit. Andere Bezeichnungen für diese Art von Wandbelag sind Elektrosmogtapeten, EMV- Abschirmungstapete, Abschirmtapete, Kupfertapete oder magnetische Tapete. Häufig müssen die EMV-Tapeten von einem Elektriker bei der Anbringung geerdet werden. Bei der Verarbeitung muss ein Spezialkleister verwendet werden, der für schwere Tapeten geeignet ist. Durch die Metallgitter, Metallbeschichtung oder aufgebrachter Metallfolie hat die Tapete ein größeres Eigengewicht.

EU role

A role euro has dimensions LxW: 10.05 x 0.53 m.

delicades washing 30°

These curtains can be washed in a fine wash program at 30 degrees.

delicades washing 40°

These curtains can be washed in a fine wash program at 40 degrees.

finished decoration

A decorative fabric is a ready stitched ‘Dekoschal’. Usually the dimensions are 1.30 m - 1, 50 m and height 2.45 m. There are several variants, for example there are those with loops or curling ribbon. The Dekoschal can also be customized as desired below. There are possibilities that the seam is sewn done or that it remains open so that the customer can determine the level itself and they can stitch up.


Since the 17th Century there are wallpaper with pictorial representations. The classic photo wallpaper had its boom in the 1970s. It is used in many homes as eye-catcher. Murals are available in different materials. The most common Murals consist of paper or non-woven materials. Photo murals are comparable from a thinner material, with the normal paper. They are often in sets, ie in individual squares available. Photo-woven wallpapers are high quality and are made of a tear resistant material. They have a structure and are produced as ground.

mural / wall picture

Murals / wall pictures offer themselves as individual decorative element in children, youth, bedroom and living room and an impressive design of the wall. They are produced on paper or non-woven carrier.


Now-a-days there are many products that are friendly to the environment. There are more and more based on water-based paints. Even with paper wallpaper today are mostly made of recycled papers for the environment not to further burden.


FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. It is a certification system for forest management, which ensures that wood products come from responsibly managed forests.

straight match

Straight match means that the pattern must be papered abreast in the same amount. The wallpaper needs should therefore be counted more generous.

reverse alternate lenghts

Every second lane needs to be glued upside. This version of the wallpaper-bond is necessary at some wallpapers to avoid color differences between the different strips of wallpaper.


A glass fiber wallpaper is very durable and is made of industrial glass fibers produced by drawing molten glass into thin threads. In weaving, the glass fibers are processed into a glass cloth. Your property receives the final fiberglass wallpaper by subsequent finish. Glass fabrics are processed with a tissue adhesive and can be painted over several times.

Gliding foot knife

With an edge trimmer you can cut the overlapping wed edges twice without damaging the wall surface. It produces very clean surge wallpaper stitches.

graphically pattern

A graphic pattern is called a circle, diamonds, triangles, rectangles, etc. Clear lines and repetitions are typical of a graphic pattern.

good lightfastness

The wallpaper is well protected from sunlight. It fades less and is good light resistant.


Semi transparent are the substances that have burned spots and stains that are still Offset with cotton.

squeeze of the hand

Hand pressure is a manual printing process in which the raised parts a cut in stone, wood or metal design with paint or ink is dabbed. The punch is pushed manually on paper, cloth or other materials.

hand wasch

This curtain is to wash in a tub by hand. The water temperature should be below 25 degrees. The substance can’t be in the machine and not in the dryer. A tip would be to put a thermometer in the pan, otherwise a hand cool water and then clean the substance involved.

highly scrub resistant

Water-soluble dirt can be removed with mild soap and water or abrasive detergent and a sponge or a soft brush.

higly washable

Contamination, except oil, grease etc. can be removed with mild soap and a sponge.

set horizontal

The wallpaper strips are not glued vertically but horizontally.

Instant paste

Instant glue are rapidly soluble and are quickly ready for use after about 3 minutes. Using a conventional paste must swell about 20 minutes.

edge trimming rail

An edge trimming rail is used as an aid to cut the abutting edges in certain types of wallpaper.A pad should be used. Before pasting it is cut along the track with a circular knife, utility knife or pruning machine.


The warp are threads that are stretched in a weaving loom in a longitudinal direction. In a finished fabric they are parallel to the selvage, while the weft threads run across it.


Pillows are filled with down, foam or other soft material. Percale or ticking is also called the tissue to hold the filling. Pillows are used for head support in bed or on the sofa. They also like to be used as a decoration. There are many different variations of pillows for example: cushions, shoulder pads, decorative cushions, pillows grains etc.

suitable as bedding

Substances that are easily washable, will not fade, do not jump in and are wrinkle resistant. The fabrics that are suitable for bedding, mostly made of cotton. They are often to iron after washing on. The ability of cotton is that it is softer than other fabrics.

can be boiled 95°

The cottons must be laundered with a maximum at 95 °.

conical seam roller

For treating from wallpaper seams a conical seam roller is particularly good. Because of its shape, there is no risk of the adhesive is pushed away by the right or left rolling operation behind the wallpaper.

LI - Flax / Linen

A bast fiber flax is also called linen, it is an annual blue or white flowering plant. It is the oldest plant used by people and is considered the most valuable bast fiber. Compared to cotton, this fiber is used only in small amounts, since the recovery is very expensive and costly.


Transparent are the Voile and the store. Outline of the person in the house can be seen and the light shines through inside.

meter, not finished sewing

The fabric can be ordered by the meter as much as you want. It comes directly from the manufacturer and is therefore terminated. Meters substances are excluded from return.


As a pattern is called uniform textures, colors and shapes that repeat themselves.

sewing service possible

The fabric can be cut and sewn by our own sewing service.

remove wet

Wallpapers must be thoroughly soak with water and removed with a spatula.

do not iron

The curtain should be hung on damp after washing. Trough the weight of the curtain it pulls itself back smooth. The result from the ironing is that the curtain shrinks or jumps in.

do not tumble dry

The textile product must not be dried in the tumble.

do not wash

The material should not be washed. This occurs frequently with a silk fabrics. If it is still dirty, the substance may only be used in the cleaning.


Very transparent and shimmering fabrics are called organza. It is made of Organsinseide, filament and synthetic fibers. The fabric is compareble with the organdy. On the smooth surface thread shifts stand out immediately. Because the organza is very fine, it tends to wrinkle and can be easily damaged. Organza fabric is quite thin and transparent material made from polyester.

PA - Polyamide

PA is the abbreviation for polyamide.

PAN - Acrylic

Polaryl fibers are used because of their good dimensional stability, high durability, high abrasion resistance and high tensile strength for upholstery fabrics.

paper wallcovering

Paper-wallpapers are often made from recycled paper. They are very breathable, moisture-regulating and eco-friendly. Furthermore, most paper-wallpaper are good light resistant and have an embossed surface that were previously printed by rotogravure. Murals have a soft time of about 3-5 minutes, this should not be exceeded, as the embossed surface of the paper-wallpaper can be lost.

matching fabric available

To the wallpaper collection matching fabrics are offered by the manufacturer. Either the samples is equal or the colors repeat themselves. So the room gets a complete unified approach.

PE - Polyethylene

Polyethylene is a plastic material. It is safe and convenient, odorless and tasteless. Therefore, polyethylene is used most often for the food industry and drinking water supply. Plastic bags, freezer bags, buckets, laundry baskets, crates, rubbish bins are often made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is resistant to water, acids, alkalis and saline.

PES - Polyester

By the melt spinning method polyester fibers are made. A melt is produced by the action of heat, which is pressed through the spinneret. By the high advanced production technology, the fiber can be adjusted almost all desired uses. To provide a strong grip, the fibers in the cross section can be round, oval or angular. Polyester fibers are particularly light-and weather-resistant and therefore resistant to climatic influences.

PP - Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin having high stability and resistance to chemicals. PP is similar to the low-pressure polyethene, but it is harder and more heat-resistant. At 104 ° C it can be heated quickly. PP are often made of boiling water and coffee machines. The material is brittle at temperatures below 0 ° C.


RAL colors are called normalized colors. The RAL GmbH (a subsidiary of the RAL Institute) sells the colors under the name of RAL Classic. Each color is assigned a four-digit color number.

Repeat width

There is a recurring pattern in the fabric. The pattern occurs the same regular intervals again. It is declared in the width in cm as a repeat.

Repeat length

There is a recurring pattern in the fabric. The pattern occurs the same regular intervals again. It is declared in the height in cm as a repeat.


A woodchip consists of three layers, that are incorporated into the structure-forming wood fibers. There are three different grit grades: fine, medium and coarse. By the different structures a woodchip can be painted over several times, for example, with binder colors or latex paints. If the surface is pre-treated, woodchip-wallpapers can be stripped dry.


For some time now retro is a trend not only in fashion. Recurrent colorful patterns, colors and shapes are referred to as retro. For example, reverse the 50s to the 70s, 80s back in the 90 with priel flowers on the walls.

scrub resistant

Water-soluble dirt can be removed with a mild soap or mild abrasives and a sponge or soft brush.

shrinkage value of the cotton fabric

Shrinkage values of a cotton fabric you will find in most cases on the ‘Wascheinnäher’ , that should not be missing on any curtain. The shrinkage value is the possible entry point which arises during washing or ironing the fabric. From the reason cotton fabrics should be washed before use and always ironed at the highest temperature in order to avoid a later entry point. The shrinking value of a cotton fabric is a value of 3 - 5%, that means that the substance enters or shrinks in the wash at 30 degrees. Therefore, a washing fold is sewn to the ribbon, so that the customer can afterwards leave out the percentage again. Cotton shrinks after the first wash to the specified percentage. For example, in a one meter wide fabric and a percentage of 3% of the material would shrink by 3 cm. In the following after washes, the material does no longer stand in.


Flame retardant is a different meaning for non-flammable. Fabrics that have this symbol are often used in public buildings such as rest homes, schools and in the dining areas. This is even a safety rule.

SE - Silk

Silk may be referred to as a natural polyamide fiber, as it consists of protein. The shine and high strength draws her out. It simultaneously acts insulating against cold and heat. However it is sensitive against high temperatures, abrasion, and water spots.

very good lightfastness

The light resistance of the wallpaper is very good and fades as well as not.


If a wallpaper is referred as cleavable, then the surface of the wallpaper is dry strippable. The lower layer stays with fixed bond as waste on the wall.

sticker / wall tattoo

Stickers / wall decals are self-adhesive. They are often used as accessories in children's or teenager’s bedrooms. They are a special highlight for young and old. If the subject is sometime unfashionable, this can be completely removed, so that the entire room does not need to be renovated.

fabric product

Living spaces are embellished not only with wallpaper or colors. With curtains, pillows and carpets get rooms more homely and comfortable. Even the acoustic gets more pleasant by fabric products.

shock resistant

Shockproof means that the wall coverings is particularly robust.

Paste wallpaper

When the wallpaper has to be pasted, the steeping time of about 3-5 minutes is observed.


Carpets were once used for wall covering as well as for covering floors, upholstery, etc. However, the versatility is only found in the East, while the carpet in Germany is almost exclusively used for covering floors. Carpets are produced on different carriers, for example: non-woven backing or fabric backing. Especially in the bedroom, the carpet is often used. It is easy to clean and foot warm.

Textile wallpaper

Textile wallpapers belong to the oldest types of wall covering. They are textile fabrics that are laminated to paper carrier. The fabric is produced by crossing threads or textile warp, in this case, the threads are bonded only in the longitudinal direction with the carrier.

Deep sealer

Deep sealer is based on alkyd or acrylic resin. Deep sealer is a primer for painting and wallpapering. A primer is used to limit absorbent substrates.

toxic heavy metals

The term toxic heavy metals is understood harmful metals such as lead. They can only poorly or not at all be reduced in the human body.


Transparent are fabrics such as organza or burnouts, who just have burned areas.

dry completely removeable

The wallpaper can be removed dry strip by strip.


Dryer suitable materials can be recognized that the materials have a dryer-sign and you can dry them in the dryer. environmental-friendly fabric The fabric is made of natural materials, for example 100% cotton or linen. These fabrics are dyed environmentally friendly.


Of Unis is spoken if the wallpaper / substances or other products are monochrome. That have no pattern.

offset match

In a staggered approach of the wallpaper needs to be calculated generous. Offset match is that the pattern of the next strip is always shifted by half.

vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers are suitable because of their durability and abrasion resistance especially for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and stairwells.

non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper are particularly easy to process, flame resistant and durable. In a non-woven wallpaper wall / background is painted with wallpaper paste. The web is then dry-mounted on the wall. Thus, the soaking time expires. Since light can shine through fleece fabric, a wallpaper primer for the underground is recommended. Through the paint to get a same-colored background and the wallpaper can be removed with a dry New renovation in all lanes.


Voile are transparent, printed fabrics referred, that are produced in different heights. These are in most cases made of polyester or cotton. Rarely it happens that you find voile from silk, viscous or blend fabric. Silk, viscous or blends are less processed, because they more care intensive. Voile is an alternative to the somewhat coarser and usually embroidered batiste.


As Store materials are all transparent and semi-transparent curtains referred, that serve as a sight-protection. These so-called stores are the labor-and material-intensive variations and are considered to be of high quality.

Pre-pasted wallcovering

There are wallpapers that are pre-pasted. The wallpaper-backing is pretreated with glue, which is activated by a short water. By that, a fast processing is possible.

wall pasting

If the wall adhesion technique symbol is displayed on a wallpaper, then the to tape background needs to be glued with adhesive.


If wallpapers have the property washable, they can be wiped clean at light soiling with a damp sponge.

water resistant

Water Resistant means, that by the time of processing fresh glue stains can be blotted with a damp sponge.


As plasticizer are defined the substances which are added to a large extent plastics, paints and coatings, rubber, adhesives and laminating coatings. Plasticizers belong to the most sold chemicals.

Steeping time

Soft time means that the wallpaper paste must remain on the wallpaper to soak them before wallpapering. Depending on the strength and quality of the wallpaper paper, the soaking time differs. The exact soft time is on every roll of wallpaper on the leaflet. If wallpapers are papered, the soaking time for all strips must be of approximately equal length, as different periods can cause soft pattern shifts.

white paintable

White paintable wallpaper can be painted over several times. The wallpaper have many different structures. It is comparable to the woodchip wallpaper.

Wool scale

A wool scale consists of 8 stages, with stage 8 corresponds to a high light resistance. It is used to determine the authenticity of light in acolor. There are also scales that are rated with a 5-level classification with stars. This corresponds to 0 star stages 1 and 2 (not lightfast), 1 star level 3 (low light resistant), 2-star level 4 (limited lightfastness), 3 stars in grades 5 and 6 (light-proof) 4 Star Level 7 (high resistant to light) and 5 stars of level 8 (highly resistant to light) colors at level 7 (4 stars) must withstand one year sunlight outdoors without fadeing.