Pattern / Dessins

To create your house or apartment individually , you don’t need to be an artist / no artist : Design your wall individually with patterned-wallpapers.

Today, wallpaper is more than just a decoration. By wallpaper are houses, apartments and rooms changed and new styles created, because the pattern is an expressive design element of the wall design. In contrast to earlier times has at the selection of pattern done a lot. The selection of patterns is great, because there are different types.

There are abstract patterns that consist of graphical forms. For example, are stripe patterns very popular and create with further pattern-wallpaper a coherent overall picture.


These abstract patterns can be arranged and radiate peace and stability. Others are dynamic and appear to be alive. Other patterns consist of motifs and figures. By their colors and shapes are these wallpapers often thematically, for example, green flowers and birds, which reflect the nature. But even simple structures are very popular.


Often these are inspired by natural surfaces such as stone or fabric, and give a natural atmosphere through their disordered structure. In our shop you will find in addition to these patterns even pattern-wallpaper with images of silhouettes , letters , graffiti , fabric-look, lettering, animals, groceries and a 3D-pattern.


Put an eye-catching by using only a pattern-wallpaper and combine this with uni-wallpapers.
Or combine your pattern-wallpaper with a bright uni and with simple uni-wallpapers in the ground color of the pattern.

Also the color of the wallpaper plays an important role. Because by colors can wake different feelings or feelings be expressed.
With a good combination of wallpaper-pattern and color can a cozy character for living room, bedroom, hall, kitchen, bathroom, office, nursery or youth room be create.

New furniture is not nexessary equal- with new pattern-wallpaper can you give the entire living space a new look, where you can enjoy every day.