Tools for wallpapering

1. Plastic-smoother - this one is for wallpapers with a durable surface such as a Malervlies.tapezierwerkzeug01_265x239

2. Wallpaper Brush - this is mainly used for woodchip, sensitive surfaces or wallpaper, as e.g. with an embossed wallpaper when using a pressure roller embossing is rolled flat.

3. Rubber roller - Pressure roller is available in the execution of plastic or foam rubber and is suitable for all types of wallpaper.

4. Glue brush - also called ceiling brush or brush, you need to pasting, priming, washing, brushing .... There are those bristle brushes in different qualities depending on its purpose.

5. Seam Roller - are available in conical or barrel-plastic design and is suitable for upstanding wallpaper seams. For sensitive surfaces, wallpaper, take a seam roller made of soft plastic. A seam roller should not apply in embossed wallpapers, since in this case the character of the wallpaper is rolled flat and is accentuated by the seam area of the wallpaper.

6. Ruler - or you need a tape measure for example for measuring the individual path lengths.

7. Pencil - the one needed for Marking 8. Decorating scissors - for cutting the wallpaper strips or cut to the exact marking.tapezierwerkzeug02_265x239

8. Decorating scissors - for cutting the wallpaper strips or cut to the exact marking.

9.Cutter knife - is a utility knife and can be used in many ways, by the break-off blade you always have a sharp cutting edge.

10. Metal spatula - to fill unevenness in the wall or to remove leftover wallpaper on the wall.

11. Lot - a plumb bob or spirit level to align the first wallpaper strip.

12. Wallpapering bar is used as the cutting rule on the trestle table or on the wall.

13. Cutting-edge rail - for easy and accurate cutting of strips of wallpaper directly to the ceiling, wall or plinth always with the matching distance for a corner. No smearing the paste on the base, etc.

14. Wallpaper knife - so you can cut the wallpaper roll quickly on the trestle table.tapezierwerkzeug03_265x239

15. Bucket - to prepare the glue

16. Paint roller to paste directly the wall 18. Glue machine - who is often paper it is worthtu buy a paste machine. So pasting wallpaper is easy, fast and it becomes uniform.

19. Trestle table - very useful for cutting and pasting the wallpapers.

20. Wallpaper hedgehog - this is a good help to remove old wallpaper. With the help of the hedgehog wallpaper stripper can penetrate better into the background of the wallpaper and thus ensures a better swell of the old paste.

21. Paste shot - used for removing air bubbles under the wallpaper.

22. Leader / stand