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We present individual nursery design ideas with children's wallpaper, borders, stickers and wall tattoos, murals, photo wallpaper and curtains and decorative fabrics - order easily and conveniently online.

With about 4.000 brands wallpaper we offer you a wide selection of wall coverings. The high-quality wallpaper manufacturer AS Creation, Rasch, Rasch Textil, P + S International, Casadeco and Caselio by Texdecor, Erismann, Marburg and Smita we have provided for you here. Suitable for any age group you can find a lot of room impressions, whether boys or girls room for babies, minis, kids and teens.

In the field of Themes you find a specific selection for the little ones. From stories / tales, adventure, nature, animals, toys, sports / football, vehicles / technique, comics, stars / clouds, uni, stripes, colorful, wall pictures, shapes, to incomparable children wallpapers wallpaper you 'll find an amazing range of exciting wallpaper and borders for children.

So that you can get an accurate picture, you can find many situations that should serve as inspiration and contribute new idea contraptions. Try different combinations of patterns, colors and textures.

At some wallpapers there is also the matching decorative fabrics. You may have to make about our special sewing service individually as curtain, bedding, or pillowcase. Please contact us in advance to an offer. You can use our Sewing Service form which can be found in the respective products.

Just purchase of your home affordable and convenient wallpaper, borders, murals, wall stickers, photo wallpaper and fabrics for a more beautiful boys, girls UDN youth room.

For questions and comments, please contact us shop@ewering.de by e -mail or phone +49 ( 0) 28 64/94 87 -90!

If you ever can’t find a product in our online product range, we provide you on request a quote or advise you individually in our shop in Reken.

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NEW arrivals

Non-woven wallpaper plain orange AS Creation 8-309587 Boys and Girls 6
Item no.: 8-3095-87
1,87 €/m18,80€*23,50 €
non-woven wallpaper cream-white Uni AS Creation 8-353030 Boys and Girls 6
Item no.: 8-3530-30
1,87 €/m18,80€*23,50 €
plain wallpaper pink non-woven AS Creation 8-309563 Boys and Girls 6
Item no.: 8-3095-63
1,88 €/m18,88€*23,60 €
wallpaper gray flamingos AS Creation 8-369982 Boys and Girls 6
Item no.: 8-36998-2
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
wallpaper white picture frames AS Creation 8-369911 Boys and Girls 6
Item no.: 8-36991-1
2,15 €/m21,56€*26,95 €
Paper wallpaper blue-gray cats AS Creation 8-367541 Boys and Girls 6
Item no.: 8-36754-1
1,45 €/m14,56€*18,20 €
Paper wallpaper colorful birds AS Creation 8-367562 Boys and Girls 6
Item no.: 8-36756-2
1,45 €/m14,57€*18,20 €
wallpaper grey Picture frame AS Creation 8-369913 Boys and Girls 6
Item no.: 8-36991-3
2,15 €/m21,56€*26,95 €
border pink unicorn Girl AS Creation 8-369903 Boys and Girls 6
Item no.: 8-36990-3
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
Wallpaper yellow brown forest animals AS Creation 8-369882 Boys and Girls 6
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