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23-804699 Bimbaloo 2 Rasch Textil decorative fabric taupe Star Baby fabric

Item no.: 23-804699.1

Rasch Textil
Bimbaloo 2
Size WxH
lfm x 2,80 m
43,90 €
30,73 €/m
Delivery time: 10 - 14 Days
suitable as a pillow
suitable as bedding
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Rasch Textil
Name Hauptvariante
Size WxH
lfm x 2,80 m
Bimbaloo 2
Sample costs
costs of sample
Age groups
Baby 0-2
Mini 2-6
Kids 6-12
Fabric type
decor fabric
fabric product
suitable as bedding
suitable as a pillow
meter, not finished sewing
sewing service possible
delicades washing 30°
do not tumble dry
Iron 110°
Fabric properties
CO - Cotton
Repeat width
21,40 cm
Repeat length
21,40 cm
Sterne / Wolken
beige cream natural color
Little whites star on a background in taupe make great as pillowcase in the baby room.

Cream-white star, taupe, star pattern, decorative fabric, sold by the meter, 100% cotton


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fixed price: 5,80 €
free shipping from: 50,00 €
plus transportation charges of proven products

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More information you can find on our service page Shipping costs
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Sewing Service

Dear Customer,

we offer you the opportunity to let our fabric also be processed.
For this we only need some information from you.
On the following pages, you have several options for processing.
We will gladly make you a no obligation, free for you, offer to the
sewing and the fabric that is needed.

1. Side Scarfs:

Side scarfs can serve not only for decorative purposes, but can also
be a visual barrier. At the same time it gives a nice overall picture
if you hang matching net curtains left and right next to the
decorative curtains.

PDF Download for request form

2. Panel curtains:

Panel curtains are an excellent view-protection for your windows.
These are also often used as a room divider.
With us you have the option to receive curtains trimmed, sutured and
provided with a loop tape. If you do not have devices (rail and panels)
you can get the curtains in one complete package from us. There, the
complete technology for assembly is included.

PDF Download for request form

3. Bed lines:

Please note that bed linen is only at marked decorative fabrics possible.
Bed lines are a beautiful decorative items, which gives the bedroom/childrens-room lots of comfort. With us you have the opportunity to let make your individual bed linen and sew together. Standard measure or individual measure are possible.

PDF Download for request form

How it works:
Send this request form to us by e-mail or fax.
You will receive as soon as possible by us an offer.


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