Wallpaper Symbols

The selection of wallpaper is always great and led quickly to falling in love with a pattern. It is important that you look for when buying wallpaper also which has the special properties of each wallpaper.

Because you can find the perfect wallpaper for your purposes. On the wallpapers depositors, the wallpaper can be found at each role are always the so-called "wallpapers icons" displayed that will show you which property your wallpaper. Properties such as light and wash fastness, but also information on pattern repeat you can see from the icons.

Exactly what symbols mean what you can read here. You should also bought a matching material for your wallpaper, you can query the signification of fabric and care symbols: symbols to the fabric.


You do not have to follow the pattern in bonding.


straight matchgerader_ansatz

The same pattern has to be stuck in the same amount next to each other.


offset matchversetzter_ansatz

The pattern on the next track in each case shifted by half a pattern height.


reverse alternate lenghtsgestuerzt_kleben

Every second lane is upside down.


set horizontalhorizontal_ansetzen

Set horizontal means that the lane is glued horizontally instead of vertically.


adequate lightfastnessausreichend_lichtbestaendig

The surface is sufficiently protected from the light.


satisfying lightfastnessbefiriedigend_lichtbestaendig

The surface of the wallpaper is composed of a material and has a moderate standard satisfactory light resistance.


good lightfastnessgut_lichtbestaendig

The wallpaper surface is good light resistant and thus also holds strong sun rays.


very good lightfastnesssehr_gut_lichtbestaendig

The Shining colors of wallpaper remain in good condition.


excellent lightfastnessausgezeichnet_lichtbestaendig-1

The surface of the wallpaper has an excellent light resistance.


double cutdoppelschnitt

In the case of coat-free, heavy wall coverings. Each new wallpaper strip overlaps the new about 5-8 cm. In the region in which the two strips overlap, both are cut with a edge trimmer.


dry completely removeabletrocken_restlos_abziehbar

The wallpaper can be removed without residue from the dry wall.


duplicated embossed paperduplierte_praegebekleidung

This is a sign of a high quality embossed paper from two paper layers that are laminated to each other. The embossing stays stable when wallpapering.


remove wetnass_zu_entfernen

The wallpaper must be soaked and completely removed.



The top layer of wallpaper, you can deduct dry. The lower layer remain on the wall.


shock resistantstossfestigkeit

These are particularly resistant coatings with special hard-elastic surface.


Paste wallpapertapete_einkleistern

Apply the glue to the wall covering.


Pre-pasted wallcoveringvorgekleisterte_wandbekleidung

The wallpaper is pre-coated with glue back, this is activated by water..


wall pastingwandklebetechnik

The substrate, for example the wall is painted with glue or adhesive.


water resistantwasserbestaendig

With a damp sponge, you can dab fresh paste stains.



Dirt out of oil, grease etc. can be removed with mild soap and a sponge.


higly washablehoch_waschbestaendig

Not oily or greasy soiling can be wiped clean with a mild soapy solution.


scrub resistantscheuerbestaendig

Water-soluble stains can be removed with mild soap or mild abrasives in combination with a sponge or soft brush.


highly scrub resistanthoch_scheuerbestaendig

The dirt should be removed with a mild abrasive and a brush.